Installing Relinux


Downloading via PPA


  • Probably the easiest way to download, install, and update relinux


  • Requires adding a PPA and updating your APT sources to install

Using this method (terminal way):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:relinux-dev/testing
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install relinux

Using this method (GUI way):

  • Open the Ubuntu Software Center
  • Select Edit->Software Sources->Other software, then click on Add
  • Enter ppa:relinux-dev/testing
  • Click on OK, enter your password if asked, then close the window.
  • Search for relinux and install 🙂

Downloading via git


  • Easy to update relinux (simply run git pull in the source directory)
  • Enables you to help develop relinux


  • Requires git (obviously)
  • Can be tricky if one does not know the terminal well enough

Using this method:

git clone
cd relinux

Downloading via zipball


  • Simple to download


  • Requires re-downloading and installing for each update
  • Requires manual installation

Using this method:



If you downloaded relinux via PPA or .deb, you can safely skip this section. Otherwise, you can install by running these commands in the source directory of relinux:

sudo make install


If you installed relinux in any way, you can run it by either selecting relinux from the menu or by running this command:

sudo relinux

If you just downloaded relinux via git or by zipball and did not install, continue reading.

You will need these packages installed:

  • python (>=2.7 or 3)
  • perl
  • libdpkg-perl
  • python-qt4
  • python-apt (or python3-apt if python3 is used)

For convenience, you can simply copy and paste this command in a terminal window:

Python 2.7:

sudo apt-get install python perl libdpkg-perl python-qt4 python-apt

Python 3:

sudo apt-get install python3 perl libdpkg-perl python-qt4 python3-apt

Usually most of these packages are already installed, but if any of them aren’t, go ahead and install them.

To actually run relinux, you simply need to run python src/relinux/ (if OSWeaver is being used, you will need to run it as root)

Sumber :


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